Sheet Metal Mechanical Design

We have been providing mechanical design of sheet metal parts and products to numerous companies across the globe for over 25 years. Our specialty is sheet metal robust designs for electronics enclosures that are compliant with the international standards. We have worked with businesses across various sectors such as medical, cosmetic, electronics, fire protection, engineering consulting companies, manufacturing and many more.

Sheet metal product design services we offer:
• Component Design
Our comprehensive product design services include prototype development, metal selection, sheet cutting design, parts and assemblies design.

• CAD/CAM Solutions
We provide CAD and 3D modeling services using our expertise in Solidworks software and ability to incorporate plastic parts into sheet metal design. If future mass production is required, it is taken into consideration during the design stage.

We follow the following systematic and streamlined design process for sheet metal product mechanical design services:

1. Identification of design parameters and specifications

2. Developing different design solutions

3. Evaluating the developed design solutions

4. Designing for manufacturability (DFM)

5. Optimizing the product design and manufacturing processes

6. Preparing cost estimates based on material, number of operations, etc.

7. Calculating the adequate size of corner reliefs, bend angles, and radii

8. Creating 3D sheet metal model and complete 2D flat drawings

Benefits working with us include decreased lead times with reduced scrap and material costs.

If you are looking for a reliable, accurate, professional, and affordable sheet metal mechanical design service, contact us to discuss your project.

Samples of Sheet Metal Designs

Sheet Metal 3D Parts Examples

Sheet Metal 2D Drawings Examples

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