Mechanical Design of Parts for Injection Molding

Our experienced design engineers utilize SolidWorks and AutoCAD software to create 3D and 2D parts designs for injection molding process.

We provide solutions from the idea stage to the final stage where parts are produced and delivered. Our specialty is robust designs for electronics enclosures that are compliant with the international standards.

We are experienced in creating cost effective prototypes to confirm the initial design and ensure functionality of final parts.

We optimize parts design for injection molding process including checking draft angles, wall thicknesses, etc.

We can also help with production if needed. Our manufacturing partners  certified and approved by ISO/TS16949:2002 have molding capabilities to cover the entire range of requirements — from small, high-precision tools to multi-ton tools, allowing us to provide the following solutions:

– Manufacturing of quality plastic parts and quality aluminum parts according to design specifications.
– Production of high-precision molds for plastic injection
– High-precision molds for aluminum casting
– Machined prototypes
– Quality assurance
– Delivery to any required location worldwide.

Samples of Parts Designed for Injection Molding Process

Example of Design From Idea to Mass Production

Example of Plastic Part Drawing for Injection Molding Process

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