Sheet metal and plastic enclosures

seamlessly integrated with your electronics.

Shakotis Ltd. is canadian consulting company specializing in mechanical design of electronics enclosures.

Our mechanical design services are tailored for both entrepreneurs and companies, providing solutions to your entire mechanical R&D engineering needs in developing new (from concept to finished product) and existing products. Our team will coordinate all aspects of mechanical design and mechanical engineering starting from idea through the design, documentation, prototyping and mass production stages. We offer both turnkey solutions and customized product design services, such as:

  • R&D of electronics enclosures / packaging
  • CAD drafting (SolidWorks)
  • Mechanical design review and testing
  • Prototypes & Models Development
  • Manufacturing support – optimization and cost reduction
  • Parts Design for Injection molding
  • Sheet metal parts design 

With our unique R&D experience in electronics enclosures, we provide creative and innovative thinking combined with the most progressive technologies and knowledge in materials, components and processes to plan and execute large and small projects. We provide innovative designs “right the first time,” within budget and in the shortest possible time frame, ensuring the project is completed efficiently and with highest quality.

Our designs always meet your specific business needs and at the same time are robust, distinctive, easy to use, provide lower R&D costs and faster time to market.
Our designer team works directly with manufacturer’s teams to ensure that the design matches available tools, thus producing highest quality end product for our customers.

From small quantities to high volume, we can efficiently and expertly support your mechanical engineering needs.



"Shakotis team has a very strong technical and industry background. It is an asset to any engineering or product development team. They proved to be a reliable, highly skilled professionals with great attitude. I highly recommend the team as knowledgeable and capable."
SynerMedica Inc
"Shakotis team has sharp minds, broad view of the project and is very fast in designing."
Interspark Inc
"Shakotis' work has been a major factor in our company's continued success in the medical industry. Like most manufacturing businesses, our company is organized into functions. Engineering interacts with virtually all of them. There are natural tensions between the functions which if not managed correctly can prove disastrous. Shakotis team has always understood the old axiom that we rise or fall together and has made teamwork with others job number one."
Syneron Medical Inc

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