Mechanical Design from scratch for R&D

Our unique area of expertise is mechanical design for electronics enclosures / electronics packaging.

We utilize our extensive knowledge, experience and connections with manufacturers to provide solutions that combine plastic and sheet metal pieces to create cost effective mechanical design.

We provide complete spectrum of mechanical design solutions from the raw idea to completed manufactured product, including reverse engineering services and creation of revolutionary ideas to decrease costs. However if you just need to do mechanical review and testing, we are more than happy to help!

While providing our mechanical design services, we follow the systematic and streamlined design process below:

1. Identification of design parameters and specifications

2. Developing different design solutions

3. Evaluating the developed design solutions

4. Optimizing the product design and manufacturing processes (Designing for manufacturability (DFM))

5. Preparing cost estimates based on material, number of operations, etc.

6. Creating 3D model and complete 2D flat drawings

Benefits working with us include decreased lead times with reduced material and labor costs.

If you are looking for a reliable, accurate, professional, and affordable mechanical design service, contact us to discuss your project.

From Idea to Manufactured Product design examples

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