Production Support

Design for manufacturability (DFM) is extremely important at all design stages. We will choose manufacturing methods that are appropriate for the production quantities expected for the new product and design or engineer the parts specifically for those processes. If the sales will be hundreds of thousands annually, the manufacturing methods should provide the lowest cost methods for those quantities, for example, high volume injection molding. If only hundreds will be produced, other methods would be more appropriate, for example sheet metal or die casting.

Design for Manufacturing is a critical part of product development. We include the manufacturers input in the development process to guide design solutions that support their unique production methods and optimize the manufacturing process for the lowest cost.

Example of Company's BOM Unification - Utilizing same frame in various products

Example of Cost Optimization

Estimated Price $60

Milled Connector for prototypes and small quantity production

Estimated Price $3

Molded Connector for mass production, versions compatible

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